Loads the arctic oscillation index from ncep[source]

Calculates an EESC from the polynomial values [9.451393e-10, -1.434144e-7, 8.5901032e-6, -0.0002567041, 0.0040246245, -0.03355533, 0.14525718, 0.71710218, 0.1809734][source]

Loads the eddy heat flux data from the file erai_ehf_monthly_1978_2016.txt provided on the LOTUS ftp server in the folder Proxies-Weber[source]

Downloads the ENSO from


lag_months (int, Optional. Default 0) – The numbers of months of lag to introduce to the ENSO signal[source]

Loads the giss aod index from giss[source]'1997-01-01', post_trend_start='2000-01-01')[source]

Creates the predictors required for performing independent linear trends.

  • pre_trend_end (str, Optional. Default '1997-01-01')

  • post_trend_start (str, Optional. Default '2000-01-01')[source]

Returns two piecewise linear components with a given inflection point in value / decade.


inflection (int, Optional. Default 1997)[source]

Loads the north atlantic oscillation index from noaa :return:[source]

Calculates two orthogonal eesc terms from the predicted eesc at 6 different ages of air, uses the EESC.txt datafile from the LOTUS ftp server in the folder EESC_Damadeo[source]

Loads the QBO from’. If pca is set to an integer (default 3) then that many principal components are taken. If pca is set to 0 then the raw QBO data is returned.


pca (int, optional. Default 3.)[source]

Gets the solar F10.7 from ‘’.[source]

Loads the bremen solar composite mg2 index[source]

Gets the tropical tropopause pressure from The tropical tropopause pressure is automatically deseasonalized by default to remove the strong seasonal cycle.


deseasonalize (bool, optional. Default True) – If set to false deseasonalization will not be done.

LOTUS_regression.predictors.seasonal.add_seasonal_components(basis_df, num_components)[source]